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Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV

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MS Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV

MS Dynamics NAV is today the world's leading Enterprise Solution for mid-market enterprises. One of the most cost-effective and adaptable integrated business solutions that have helped companies in their quest to grow, MS Dynamics NAV has the largest number of implementations worldwide amongst its class of products. A true enterprise-level solution, NAV, has one of the lowest possible total cost of ownership amongst its category of solutions. Its unique architecture and extremely efficient development environment ensure that unlike most other competing products, NAV customization and implementation can be completed within just a few weeks and by small teams.

The Freedom to Focus, MS Dynamics NAV frees you up from the worries of your IT Systems and affords you the freedom to stay focused on your business needs.

  • True enterprise level solution
  • Flexible architecture and extremely efficient development environment
  • Customizations/Implementations are completed within a few weeks by small teams
  • One of the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership amongst its category of solutions
  • Fixed Asset Management 

The system offers specialized functionality for manufacturing, distribution, government, retail, and other industries. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers applications for financial management, human resources management, manufacturing, multiple and international sites, project management, sales and marketing, service management, supply chain management, and business intelligence. The functionality is particularly designed for the manufacturing and distribution sector. The system is known for being highly customizable and partners have developed a long list of industry-specific configurations to serve various vertical markets.