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ERP & CRM Implementation

A Trusted Partner for Enterprise Digital Transformation

ERP & CRM Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning

With its core expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning, MSDBS is committed to delivering high-quality custom IT solutions. MSDBS delivers business and technology innovation by using a cross-functional, workshop-driven methodology to leverage industry best practices and academic research excellence and has supported large and complex enterprise systems for extended periods by designing efficient, low-risk processes for software support, maintenance, and enhancement.

Our team of consultants is highly capable and motivated staff possesses extensive experience with Microsoft ERP & CRM domain & technologies and has developed invaluable domain expertise in the Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Services & Engineering/Project industries. MSDBS is a Microsoft partner.

Technical Capabilities

Our ERP services range from managing the ERP system, upgrades, migrations, configurations, implementation, maintenance and support, and security-related services.

MSDBS has adequate experience of implementing ERP rollouts for many prestigious customers and has developed mature processes that would benefit to minimize the learning curve and communication gaps and it enables us to deliver upon seamless ERP rollouts and upgrades which meets our client’s business and technical requirements.

Customer Relationship Management

Increasing revenues and winning customer satisfaction are two holy grails of every business. Quality front-office operations (Sales, Marketing and Customer Service) not only lead to growth and profitability, but it also results in attracting, retaining and delighting more customers. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) makes the customer THE ‘centre’ of enterprise processes, workflows, and activities. A customer-centric organization enjoys strong customer relationships, makes more informed and better decisions based on real-time sales & marketing data and create a customer experience that will lead to phenomenal topline growth.

MSDBS strategic consulting, CRM implementation, deployment, and training solutions help companies rapidly re-engineer front-office processes and technologies to engage more customers and drive better sales results. MSDBS has CRM expertise of configuring, implementing, customizing and supporting the leading CRM technologies.

CRM Services:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Implementation & Customization
  • Data Migration Services
  • CRM Version Upgrade
  • CRM Support and Enhancements